World’s Biggest Goldfish

Worlds biggest Goldfish

Worlds biggest Goldfish via You Tube

Yes its looks like a giant goldfish, but in fact it is a 30 pound koi carp. The fish was caught in a lake in France by angler Raphael Biagini, surprisingly it only took him 10 minutes to get the fish out of the water. The fish weighs the equivalent of your average 3 year old child, the fish is the biggest of its type ever caught in the wild.

At the moment a picture of the fish is being viewed across the world on You Tube. The fish was caught a few months ago.

Many people believe the picture to be a hoax, they have been quick to point out that the angler is holding the fish in the same manner you would hold a 10 pound fish not a 30 pound fish. They also said that the fish looks to big just to weigh only 30 pounds. They all believe that the photo was enhanced using computer software. The experts have said that the color and size would not be exceeding normal limits for the breed of fish.

Maybe it is just another fishy story, whether the fish is a hoax or not whatever the outcome it has brought a few smiles to the world, and especially to the world of angling.

After the picture was taken Biagini, returned the World’s Biggest Goldfish to the Lake.

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